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Microwave emitter

A new, reliable and powerful device for destroying (killing) a Beetle - woodworm (House longhorn beetle, Hylotrupes bajulus, Bark borer beetle, European house borer, Woodboring beetles, Deathwatch beetle, Asian longhorn beetle, Powderpost beetle, Old house borer, Beetle woodcutter, Beetle-grinder) and a wood fungus. And also for drying of wood and loose materials, pest control and other products!

The emitter "Zhuk2-02" is ideal for domestic and professional use. The device is equipped with a new reliable power source. The radiator "Zhuk2-02" is designed for continuous and round-the-clock work.


Beetle - woodworm

A wooden house is always warm and cozy, and when choosing a home, many people often choose exactly the structure of a log or timber. But there is one danger of this choice - this is a rather high probability of contamination of wooden houses with a beetle borer (Latin Cerambycidae).

Beetle - woodworm, House longhorn beetle, Hylotrupes bajulus, Bark borer beetle, European house borer, Woodboring beetles, Deathwatch beetle, Asian longhorn beetle, Powderpost beetle, Old house borer, Beetle woodcutter, Beetle grinder - are all names of pests, the total number of which is more than 26,000 species! Some of them are smaller than a match-head, but there are those that hardly fit in the palm of your hand.

If you can hear strange sounds, similar to the ticking of a clock - the bark beetle has "registered" in the house and most likely does not avoid serious efforts to destroy the bug of the wood-borer.


Larva of the woodworm (Cerambyx)

The main damage to the house is caused by the larva of the beetle-borer. During its life (3 - 5 years), the larva is able to "gnaw" the strokes in the body of a tree with a total length of up to 40! kilometers. And the diameter of these moves can be such that a man's finger penetrates into it. For several years, the crown of a log home can turn into a hollow cylinder filled with wood chips.

A female beetle - a woodworm lays up to 200 eggs in various places. The larva "sharpens" the tree almost continuously. Fine wood dust in an infected house can be taken out by scoops for rubbish every day. So, you can gradually take out your entire house to the dump ...

Thus, needless to say, if you do not take timely measures, the beetle - a woodworme carpenter just completely destroy the house, and this is no exaggeration. This danger is not only exposed to wooden houses. Stone and panel structures can also contain wooden parts (beams of interfloor overlapping, flooring, roof rafters, etc.). Of course, this is not a new problem and the beetle-bug has long learned to fight. Someone uses deadly poisons, someone knocks bark beetles with a tennis racket, and some, imagining themselves medical workers, creep around the house, puncturing the needle of a syringe with one or another log of the house. All this can help, but ...

Methods of combating a beetle - woodworm

With a beetle - woodworm you can fight and quite successfully. Today, a variety of chemicals are offered, which, as a rule, are deadly poisons, including for humans. They are able to penetrate deep into the thickness of the wood, destroying the pest or causing it tangible harm. It's one thing if a beetle bug settled in a shed, then the choice of chemical treatment is completely justified.

But if the bark beetle began to destroy the walls or floors of a dwelling house? In this case, to impregnate the walls of the building, in which people live poison - the choice is not the best. In addition, the effect of poison gives an effect only when fighting small beetles (for example, a common furniture beetle). But if it is a question of large species (house beetle-barbel), then the above method is practically useless. The larva simply curls up and closes its passage with her body. The only effective way against this type of woodcarving is drilling holes and extracting the grub with forceps.

You can contact the appropriate service. Specialists will come, treat the house with chemical composition or smoke and this, probably, will get rid of the problem. Such services are not expensive, but they are quite effective. But how sad it is when the next year the familiar sounds of a home are heard again ...

And you can listen, identify the habitats of larvae and infiltrate from the medical syringe only the infected areas, but in this case, from the evaporation of poisons can not be saved. In addition, it will not help from another danger. The fact is that the lumberjack beetle causes another damage to the wood, of which very few people know.

And you can listen, identify the places of habitation of the larvae and infiltrate from the medical syringe only the infected areas, but in this case, from the evaporation of the poisons can not be saved. In addition, it will not help from another danger. The fact is that the lumberjack beetle causes another damage to the wood, of which very few people know.


Mycelium (MOLD)

The bark beetle does not feed on the wood itself. Most species only grind it and settle on a tree fungus a special kind of fungus, which is food for the larva. Thus, treating your house with poison, you can temporarily lime the beetle (and at the same time poison yourself), but the fungus will remain inside the tree and continue to destroy the house slowly, but inevitably.

Some owners of wooden houses change the infected log to a new one (healthy). This, of course, gives the desired effect. After a larva, being in one log, does not go into the neighboring one, but leaves its dwelling only in the form of a beetle (flies). But the beetle has a bad habit of returning or just flying to the neighboring logs. Therefore, replacing the "sick" part of the house no one will give a guarantee that it was possible to get rid of the beetle barbel forever.


Microwave processing

The processing of wood and other materials by microwaves for disinsection, disinfection or drying has been known for a long time. However, the method was not widely used. This is mainly due to the high danger of microwave radiation. The emitter with an open waveguide can be very dangerous for a person at a fairly large distance and the use of this method, it would seem, can not be harmless.

 However, through complex calculations and experiments, we succeeded in developing and fabricating a horn design that is absolutely harmless in observing simple rules of use. All radiated power is directed only to one side, being absorbed by the material being processed. The horn from the operating device "Zhuk2-02" affects a person (located behind the horn at a distance of 2 meters) much less than radiation from a mobile phone.

Advantages of microwave processing:

  • 100% guarantee of destruction of the larva and fungus;

  • Absolute harmlessness in observance of the rules of use;

  • The absence of chemical residues and the risk of poisoning people and animals;

  • Harmless to the environment;

  • 100% efficiency in any conditions;

  • Complete controllability of the processing process;

  • The safety of equipment and work with it;

  • The ability to use the method for other purposes ...

How does the emitter "Zhuk2-02" work?

During the processing of the emitter "Zhuk2-02" Microwaves penetrate the entire thickness of the material, evenly warming it up in the entire volume. Microwave energy affects the moisture contained both in the body of the larva of the beetle-borer and mold, and in the wood itself. The protein from which the body of the larva consists and the fungus begins to fold at a temperature of approximately 60 ° C.

Thus, it is enough to heat the wood with the emitter "Zhuk2-02" Up to 70 ° C or slightly more and the larva of the lumberjack beetle is guaranteed to die. At this temperature, the fungus is also guaranteed to die.

For processing by the emitter "Zhuk2-02" The surface size of 300mm * 300mm should be 3 - 10 minutes (depending on the thickness and humidity of the log).

The thickness of the timberExposure time
100 mm

3 - 4 min.

200 mm

5 - 7 min.

300 mm and more

7 - 10 min.

Emitter "Zhuk2-02" - a reliable assistant in the household, they can be used at any time. The larva of Cerambycidae is very slow and there is no need for haste to fight it. To destroy the pest does not require the processing of the entire structure, it is enough to listen to the sounds that emits Cerambycidae (similar to the ticking of the clock) and in time free from other worries, to calmly process the habitats of the larva and places that cause suspicion. Thus, the process can be fully controlled. Emitter "Zhuk2-02" - this is a 100% guarantee of protection of wood from a beetle grinder. The parasite has no chance.

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Using emitter

Use the emitter "Zhuk2-02" very simple. It is only worthwhile to arrange the device with the bell of the emitter in front of the processed object at a distance of 5 - 10 cm, and connect it to the AC 220 V network.

Then, with a timer, set the treatment time from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the volume of the object. Time is selected approximately, starting with the minimum values. In the future, if the warm-up of the object is insufficient, the processing can be repeated by changing the timer setting.


To start the process of processing it is necessary to take in the hands of the remote control panel, stand behind the device at a distance of 2 meters or more and press the button "START" on the console.

The "HV" ("High Voltage") indicator should be on the back of the device. When the "HV" indicator goes off, the processing is complete and you can approach the device to repeat the process or move the transmitter to another zone. The processing can be stopped at any time by pressing the "STOP" button on the remote control.


To stop the process abnormally, a "STOP" button is provided on the back of the appliance. This button performs the same function as the "STOP" button on the remote control.


Microwave frequency

2.45 GHz

Microwave power

1.5 kW

Power consumption, not more

1.8 kW

Supply voltage

220V, 60 Hz

The size power supply cm, weight


20 kg

The size emitter module cm, weight


4 kg

To move the device, you do not need to disconnect it from the AC mains. Cooling fans should work for some time (at least 5 minutes) and after the processing process is over. If this rule is observed, the device can be used without interrupting the operation. If there are electrical wires or a heating pipe in the processing area, this will not be a problem. The radiation of the device is strictly polarized, and metal objects located in the same plane with the electromagnetic field are practically not affected by microwaves. The microwave emitter "Zhuk2-02" must be positioned so that the wide (long) part of the socket is oriented parallel to the pipe or cable. To change the position of the emitter, there are special mounting holes on the upper wall of the radiating unit.

Kit contents:

Power Supply

1 PC.

Radiating module

1 PC.

Tripod with wheels

1 PC.

Passport and instruction

1 PC.



Microwave emitter "Zhuk2-02" - is the development of our scientific department. The unique design of the waveguide trumpet allows the device to be used in a domestic environment without harm to human health. It is enough to observe basic safety rules.

Our company sells the emitter for more than ten years in Russia. For this time the device has been repeatedly changed and modernized. Significantly improved its appearance, reduced weight and size.

Microwave emitter "Zhuk2-02" i recommended myself as a reliable and highly efficient device." 100% of the users of the emitter "Zhuk2-02" They confirm that they managed to solve the problem with the woodworm beetle without much effort.




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